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Entry and seeding rules will be similar to New Balance Outdoor and National Scholastic Athletics Foundation. Major difference being that GATFC will be a State vs State competition, where super relays will be allowed. 

We will use National Scholastic Emerging Elite guidelines for entries. As stated below do not enter and pay for an athlete to enter meet unless GATFClassic Seeding Committee can independently verify FAT times. We will reject any unverified entries. Once again as stated in rules below no refunds for invalid entries!!

Emerging Elite Guideline:

GATFClassic Entry and Seeding Rules – 2018

At GATFC we believe in ensuring that every entry is fairly evaluated for acceptance and for seeding purposes. The NSAF over the years have developed rules and procedures that help us to achieve this goal. Listed below are those specific rules, but first some broader points.

Entrants often attempt to gain acceptance with a mark that does not meet the guideline. We do understand that some states may have a difficult time forming a State team with only athletes that have performed at emerging elite standards. We will therefore depend on its state selection committee chairperson to select a competitive team to compete in the GATF Classic 2018. For example, some state’s mens 100m champion may run a time of 10.95FAT to win the state title but since the emerging elite guideline is 10.84FAT, do we not allow this person to enter the meet?  No, it would be up to that state’s selection committee to form a team from its best athletes. I always refer back to Japan’s mens national 4x100m relay that continually finishes in the finals of IAAF worlds and Olympic Games with maybe one sprinter that makes it to the semi-finals or finals. So please do not disqualify an athlete from competing in GATF Classic, the seeding committee working with each state selection committee will make the final decision as to entry into the meet.

A word about the guidelines found here: We call them guidelines, rather than standards, because we do make allowances for reasonably small variances. That determination is made at the sole discretion of the Seeding Committee and/or state selection committee.

Please note: Payments will not be processed on unless entries have been cleared by states selection committee or GATFClassic seeding committee. If you are unsure if you qualify, do not pay or enter meet, send an e mail to We will usually respond to you within 24 – 48 hours.


  • Entry guidelines may be met in meets from the current spring 2018 or and winter 2017 – 2018 season. No marks from previous seasons will be accepted;
  • All qualifying marks must be independently verifiable by us. Please note: WE VERIFY ALL ENTRY MARKS. You can help us and help yourself by providing meet information including meet name, date and location and if possible a link to results;
  • Relay splits may not be used for entry even if they are FAT;
  • Qualifying marks must be made in legitimate meets officiated by USATF, NFHS or college officials.   Meets may not be exhibitions or single-event competitions such as pole vault-only meets;
  • Entry marks may not be projections or forecasts of what the athlete might achieve at GATFClassic;
  • Time trial and dual/tri/quad meet marks will not be accepted for entry purposes.  Qualifying guidelines for individual events must be met in meets of 5 or more teams;
  • Altitude adjustments will be made by the Seeding Committee where appropriate.  We use the NCAA altitude conversion calculator;
  • Entry marks for the decathlon and heptathlon may be calculated using current season bests.   Note that the requirement for entry when using a composite score is higher than when using an actual multi score.  


  • Seeding is done on the basis of spring marks.  Winter 2017 – 2018 marks may be used for entry purposes but not for seeding except at the sole discretion of the Seeding Committee;
  • Relay splits may not be used for seeding purposes even if they are FAT;
  • Time trial and dual/tri/quad meet marks will not be used for seeding purposes.  Seed marks for individual events must be met in meets of 5 or more teams;
  • No adjustments may be made for running starts. (the Seeding Committee will consider this factor when making seeding decisions);
  • There will be heats for 100M, 200M, 100MH, 110MH, 400M, 4x100R, 4 x 200R

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